Aykaya Plastik

Our company, which started its activities in the textile field as a private company under the name of Ayfer Karakoyunlu on the MTK site in 2005, has shown and proved its presence in the health, industry, and food sectors over the years.

Considering establishing quality and trust-oriented human relations as its primary goal, our firm decided to go to a new formation under the name“AYKAYA Plastik in 2019. Aiming to act with the awareness of nature and the environment, Aykaya Plastik has set out with the aim of using the knowledge and experience gained over the years in the packaging industry and is on its way to becoming a dynamic and innovative company by closely following the innovations in the packaging industry in our country and the world. Having proven its success and existence in many sectors since 2005, our firm was established as Aykaya Plastik in order to bring fresh air to the packaging sector.

Our company, which aims to bring the knowledge and experience gained for many years, customer and solution-oriented perspective to the packaging sector, continues its work.


To leave a clean world to new generations and to ensure that environmentally friendly
products are included in the market in order to prevent climate change.


As a result of this journey, which we started in 2005 with a principle based on quality and
trust, we established relationships focused on these two. We adopt the same principle as
Aykaya Plastik in 2019.
We act with the responsibility of leaving a clean world to future generations and offer you environmentally friendly products.

Using the latest technology together with our environmental awareness, dynamism, and
innovative perspective, we closely follow local and global innovations.


It is our primary goal to sign new formations under the name Aykaya Plastik and to announce our name in the world market with an environmental approach, not breaking away from our customer relations and trust-oriented approach that we have established since 2005.


The 13th Fashion conference sessions, of which the digital conference sponsor is Aykaya, will be live on bloomberght.com on October 8 with successful speakers and interesting topics.


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