We are proud to open our Organic Green World project, which we laid the foundations for in 2015, to the domestic and international market with our OGW brand. Aykaya Plastic celebrates its 16. year as Aykaya Ambalaj and continues on its way. We focus on organic bag, compostable bag, pet poop bag, biodegradable bag, organic athlete bag and recycler bag products in exports.We continue to respect nature with our OGW brand and support our bags that dissolve in nature without harming every living being in nature. This project is called Organic Green World. ‘The world is constantly changing in the direction of a  sustainable and cyclical economy. The one who keeps up with this change remains afloat. We will not only stay afloat, we will run into the future,’ she said at the opening launch of Ayfer Karakoyunlu’s words.

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